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#IWantYouToAdopt is the new permanent Catorday campaign to support the mission of rescue groups to bring a new home for every cat in Canada! This is our way to help!

During the warm weather, the population of cats around Canada grows up for different reasons, let's work together to protect our furry friends!

15% of every online sale of the design "I Want You" will be donated to the SPCA of Montreal for now. If you are part of a rescue group and you would like to be part of our campaign, please write to us at 

(Only for Canada rescue groups)

"The federation released a report titled “Cats in Canada” on Thursday, noting that felines are the most common pet in the country, with nearly 37 per cent of households owning one. There are about 9.3 million owned cats in Canada.

The number of cats put to sleep fell to 18 per cent from 40 per cent over the past five years. But still, 20,753 cats were euthanized in Canada in 2016. That’s compared to 3,799 dogs." 


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